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"In show business, the green room is the space in a theatre or similar venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before, during, and after a performance or show when they are not engaged on stage.from Wikipedia

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While we all wait to for Symphony of the Kootenays to get back on stage, join our host, Conductor Jeff Faragher, for an intimate series of converstations and music on a  variety of topics that bring Symphony of the Kootenays to life.

Please join the discussion and enjoy the music!

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Through 2021, we'll touch on each orchestra section, re-connect with favourite soloists and explore what it means to make music in the Kootenays.

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Episode 12: Maestro! Behind the Baton
Saturday September 11, 2021
7:30 MDT / 6:30 PDT



All programs start at 7:30pm Mountain / 6:30pm Pacific time.

They will be available to watch as a video later

* Programming and guests subject to change *


#1: February 27, 2021 

Symphony of the Kootenays and the BC interior

Guest: SOTK Concertmaster Cvetozar Vutev

Listen here to the program.  Thank you Cvetozar for your time and sharing your stories!

#2: March 13, 2021 

Being a musician in Cranbrook

Thank you: Penny LongStephanie Tichauer, and Evan Bueckert for joining us!  Listen here to the program

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#3: March 27, 2021

Travelling and Playing as a Section: The Cellos

Guests: Anne Scott (Principal cello), Liz Tremblay (cello ) and Shirley Wright (cello)

Thank you for joining us!  Listen here to the program

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#4: April 10, 2021 

Woodwinds in the Orchestra

Guests: Aura Pon (Principal oboe), Jonathan Gresl (Principal bassoon) and Barb Hume  (Principal clarinet)

Thank you for joining us!  Listen here to the program


#5: April 24, 2021 

The importance of an Orchestra for the Kootenays

Guests: Ruth Sawatsky (bassoon), Catherine MacKinnon (Principal flute) and Ruth Langevin (flute & piccolo)

Thank you for joining us!  Listen here to the program

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#6: May 8, 2021 

Approaching the classical orchestra from a different viewpoint

Guests: Sophia Smith (cello), Brie Hurlburt (violin) and Megan Bibby (violin)

Thank you for joining us!  Listen here to the program

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#7: May 22, 2021 

Juggling in the Percussion section

Guests: Robin Clegg (Principal percussion, timpani, tuba) and Sven Heyde (percussion)

Thank you, gentlemen, for you joining us with a fascinating look at, and and listen to percussion. Listen here to the program


#8: June 5, 2021 

Soloing with the SOTK

Guests: Natasha Hall violin,  Amy Zanrosso piano

Thank you for joining us Amy and Natasha and for your beautiful music! Listen here to the program 

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#9: June 19, 2021 

Building the Foundation of the Symphony

Guests: Tim Plait piano, Rob Fahie Principal Bass

Thank you for joining us Tim and Rob and for your music and stories! Listen here to the program 

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#10: July 3, 2021 

SOTK Brass

Guests: Tim Bullen Principal Trumpet and Nick Sullivan (Trombone)

Thank you for joining us Tim and Nick and for your music! Listen here to the program 

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#11: August 28, 2021 

SOTK French Horns

Guests: Tom Staples (Principal)

and Dale Green

Thank you for joining us Tom and Dale and for your wonderful music! Listen here to the program 


#12: September 11, 2021 

Behind the Baton

Guest: Maestro Jeff Faragher

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